What we do

3 Square Blocks helps local public and private interests improve quality of life in the Pacific Northwest through innovative urban planning and design. We facilitate complex conversations with the public to provide people a real opportunity to influence decisions that affect the future of their communities. We thrive on negotiating major efforts with complex programs and competing interests.

Some of our areas of expertise include transit and transit-oriented development, street design and Complete Streets, healthy and active communities, placemaking and public art, and school district planning.


We lend expertise in planning, communications, outreach, and urban design to help clients…
Navigate the planning process

3 Square Blocks engages communities to create plans that guide long-term decision making. We guide communities to understand, prioritize and implement public services and capital investments that achieve local vision and goals.

Welcome diverse stakeholders to the table

Our outreach experts welcome diverse and often divided groups to the planning process. By meeting people where they live and work and encouraging input and project ownership from underrepresented groups, we garner crucial feedback to shape long-term strategy.

Find common ground

We use collaboration and conflict resolution strategies to keep conversations moving. Our staff works closely with diverse stakeholders, planners, technical consultants, public officials and residents to gather and relay shared values and community needs. We leverage common ground to achieve shared decisions that support social equity, economic opportunity, environmental stewardship, and sustainability.

Engage and inform to promote transparent decisions

Our communications experts encourage thoughtful discourse and decision making with accessible (and often multilingual) presentations, exhibits, web content, meeting materials, and engagement activities. We ensure broader awareness through coverage in local newspapers, Listservs, social media, and blogs.

Translate stakeholder input into workable designs

Consultants, elected officials, and residents often have different priorities and use different vocabularies. Our team works with partners to solicit input, close communication gaps, and balance stakeholder input with other project requirements to craft designs that work.

Write readable plans

Our writers and graphic designers increase reader accessibility and focus attention on priority issues by boil plans down to create concise, visually engaging documents with sufficient detail to guide decisions and actions.

Create places of character

We help communities envision and build memorable, accessible, and livable places that balance new and existing urban forms to attract additional investment, employment, institutions, and residents.

Some of our services

Master plans
Subarea plans
Comprehensive plans
Strategic plans
Form-based codes
Code development
Site design strategies
Sustainability strategies
SEPA environmental review
Health impact assessments
GIS analysis
Community outreach
Public engagement
Meeting facilitation
Stakeholder interviews
Workshops and charrettes
Interactive public events
Environmental justice outreach
Digital engagement
Website building
Data visualization
Graphic design
Document design