Our work

We believe everyone should have a fair and equal opportunity to shape the future of their community. We leverage common ground to achieve shared decisions that support social equity, economic opportunity, and a sustainable future to improve quality of life in the Pacific Northwest.

Outreach Strategy

Working closely with clients, we create and implement outreach strategies thoughtfully tailored to each project.

We develop both longer-term plans from scratch and offer strategic advice to projects facing specific outreach challenges.

Our extensive experience enables us to develop detailed plans that fit each project’s timeline, budget, and audience. We help clients and communities reach shared decisions that support social equity, sustainability, and economic opportunity.

Stakeholder Events

We welcome diverse and often divided stakeholders to the table to gather and communicate shared values and needs.

By meeting people where they live and work and encouraging input and ownership from underrepresented groups, we garner crucial feedback to shape long-term decision-making.

Our team works with agencies, local businesses, consultants, elected officials, and residents to close communication gaps and balance stakeholder input with other project requirements to craft designs that work.


We distill complex technical information into accessible graphics and language to guide decision and action.

We craft exhibit boards, presentations, agendas, engagement activities, notifications, and web/social media content. We diligently document stakeholder engagement activities to develop comprehensive summaries and reports.

By providing clear information to all audiences and ensuring they understand how their ideas were incorporated into the decision-making process, we create transparency and transform stakeholders into advocates.