Principal Julia Walton, AICP

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Office: 206 957 8571

  • urban design and planning
  • thought leadership
  • healthy communities
  • being outside
  • making music
  • languages
  • learning new things

Recently appointed as Health Track Chair by the American Planning Association for their 2018 and 2019 conferences, Julia integrates urban systems and placemaking to create vital, sustainable, healthy communities. She provides expert thought leadership and strategic guidance for planning and design projects. Her 30 years of experience emphasizes integration of urban, natural and social systems into vibrant, resilient communities. She specializes in physical design and programming for active and healthy living environments, sustainable responses to change, functioning urban ecology and revitalized centers and corridors. Julia facilitates community conversations to build agreements that stick.

Julia studied relationships between urban, physical and social design while earning a B.A. in Comprehensive Planning and Design from Southern Illinois University and a Master of Architecture from the University of Washington. She has dedicated her career to serving Northwest communities to increase choices for how people live and travel, enhance quality of life, decrease health inequities and improve community vitality and resilience. Her expertise includes regional projects, city-wide projects, local policy and design, transit and complete streets, sub-area plans and master plans for public facilities.

A certified coach, Julia is the winner of three national awards for public involvement. Projects include regional, city-wide and neighborhood scales, street and transit planning, master planning and urban design. Julia likes to learn new things and takes her downtime outdoors to walk, make music, and enjoy the natural environment.

It is satisfying to help communities improve quality of life.