WSDOT Active Transportation Plan


3 Square Blocks is partnering with WSDOT to engage the public and stakeholders in updating the statewide Active Transportation Plan (ATP) that will refine the vision, policy direction, and actionable strategies for WSDOT and partner agencies. WSDOT’s 2019 ATP includes an assessment of connectivity and infrastructure needs for bicycle, pedestrian and other wheeled transportation such as wheelchairs, scooters, and skateboards. The 2019 ATP satisfies the federal requirement for a long-range bicycle transportation and pedestrian walkways plan.

3 Square Blocks crafted an outreach plan that leverages WSDOT’s network of staff and partners within its six regions to communicate the ATP goals and implement project outreach. These regional partners serve as points of contact for the project team, streamline coordination, and steward public outreach in their region. To provide consistent project messaging and support outreach, 3 Square Blocks is designing a user-friendly toolkit that can be customized—and in some cases translated—for a variety of audiences and outreach activities. Tools include a 3-minute video, online and paper survey, speaking points, slide deck, factsheet, poster, meeting announcement template, and feedback gathering worksheet.