Sound Transit West Seattle & Ballard Link Extensions

3 Square Blocks designed and wrote a series of charrette summary reports and documents to support comprehensive decision-making for the West Seattle and Ballard Link Extensions. The project is studying building high capacity transit within the City of Seattle from the vicinity of Alaskan Junction in West Seattle to Downtown and from Market Street in Ballard to Downtown. Phase I Alternatives Development includes a series of interagency and key stakeholder charrettes focused on analyzing potential station locations in eight neighborhoods along the alignment. 3 Square Blocks worked with a core team of consultants and Sound Transit staff to strategically shape the charrette structure and create materials to guide and record discussions. At each charrette a broad group of stakeholders explored opportunities and challenges associated with different station locations to inform alternatives screening and refinement and form the basis of design refinements in future phases. During each charrette, 3 Square Blocks facilitated and documented charrette team activities and recommendations. Following each event we produced a graphic report that included guiding principles, station option assessments, and conceptual station plans integrating multi-modal access and potential future opportunities for development. The final task for this phase will be assembling the Station Architecture and Urban Design Considerations Technical Memo.