Lake Forest Park Town Center Vision

After successfully leading outreach for Lake Forest Park’s Safe Street and Safe Highways studies, we were hired again to lead outreach for the Town Center Visioning process.

Incoming investment from Sound Transit 3 presented an opportunity for Lake Forest Park to shape the long-term vision for the Town Center. We hosted over 30 lively, well-attended visioning meetings, design workshops, task force meetings, interviews, and open houses, doing so on different days of the week at different times of day to encourage participation from a range of community members. We developed Facilitator Guides to ensure small group discussions were productive, inclusive, and comprehensive.

After each round of outreach, we reported back to the community about what we had heard so participants understood how their feedback was being incorporated. We wrote detailed, organized summaries of community meetings to share participants’ feedback with the City, which ultimately informed the policies outlined in the Vision.

In June 2018 City Council authorized amending design and development requirements to better support the Vision. In October 2018 we hosted an Outdoor Open House on the site—in conjunction with the Sunday Farmers Market—to get feedback about the range of development possibilities. Using bright colors and bold design elements, we created a unique park-like environment that attracted market shoppers to learn about the Town Center Vision and imagine how the site could be used differently in the future.