Tacoma Complete Streets Guidelines

We worked with a cross-functional team to develop the Tacoma Complete Streets Design Guidelines, the first Complete Streets project in Washington State. A top priority was helping to shift people’s mode of travel from cars to alternatives like transit, walking or biking. With an emphasis on Tacoma’s mixed-use centers, we created guidelines to retrofit streets for all modes of travel, prioritizing and improving access to transit, developing more complete sidewalk and bike systems, and making non-motorized transportation a viable option for people throughout Tacoma. To help identify cost-effective guidelines, we analyzed the condition of 52 streets and investigated ways to increase mode share without expensive adjustments to curbs or utilities. This project won the American Planning Association Washington State Chapter 2009 Award for Transportation, and was identified among the top 15 projects in the country in 2011 by the National Complete Streets Coalition. Pacific Avenue, the City’s first major Complete Street, was completed in 2013.

The Tacoma Complete Streets Guidelines project builds on the Tacoma Mixed Use Centers project.