Tacoma Mixed Use Centers

We helped the City of Tacoma identify development barriers and incentives for sixteen designated mixed use centers, intended to help support a growing population through a range of housing, employment, transit-supportive development, pedestrian and bicycle facilities, services and public spaces. All sixteen centers had existing commercial uses and transit service, with varied dominant characteristics, such as shopping centers, historic main streets and density of urban form. We created development typologies and made recommendations on revisions to City policies, codes and programs based on mix and scale of potential future development. The recommendations included measures to improve project feasibility through recalibration of height, mass, scale and open space requirements, as well as revisions to the Multifamily Tax Incentive Program, parking requirements and zoning bonuses. This work led to adoption of a Multi-Family Tax Exemption (MFTE) to help incentivize redevelopment in the mixed-use centers.