Shoreline Sidewalk Prioritization Plan

We planned and facilitated a stakeholder and public outreach process to create a Sidewalk Prioritization Plan. Marcia facilitated 12 meetings of a 14-person Sidewalk Advisory Committee (SAC) tasked with analyzing how to prioritize and fund pedestrian needs for new and repaired sidewalks. The SAC was comprised of Shoreline residents of a wide range of ages and interests, including members with disabilities who bring a critical perspective to SAC discussions and formulation of the Committee’s recommendations. We also planned and facilitated a series of public open houses to share the SAC’s progress and collect feedback from the larger Shoreline community. We used quantitative methods of collecting feedback on the prioritization criteria in both online surveys and at open houses. City staff used the SAC and public’s input—as well as technical analysis—to recommend a Sidewalk Prioritization Plan to the City Manager. A gas tax increase and bond measure are funding the SAC’s final recommendations.

3 Square Blocks’ support on the Shoreline’s Sidewalk Prioritization Plan was a key factor to a successful year-long process of analyzing how to prioritize and fund both the repair of existing sidewalks and expansion of the City’s sidewalk system. Marcia Wagoner skillfully led the facilitation of the Sidewalk Advisory Committee’s (SAC) in depth and iterative process over 12 meetings that culminated with the SAC’s final recommendations. Marcia’s well-rounded approach to facilitation included thoughtful agenda planning, dynamic meeting management, and timely post-meeting debriefs. Michael Read and Rebecca Fornaby, developed wonderful public-facing graphics that made the project’s main components easy to digest. —Nora Daley Peng, Senior Transportation Planner City of Shoreline