Student Generation Rates

In 2016 we began providing student generation rate services to school districts using the methodology developed by consultant Mike McCormick, FAICP. Mike worked for over two decades with school districts in Washington State and retired at the end of 2015.  He developed a unique student generation rate methodology that has proved to be an unbiased and reliable way to determine how many students districts may expect at any grade level resulting from new development. In order to provide districts with continued access to this methodology, Mike transitioned his student generation rate practice to 3 Square Blocks. To ensure a seamless transition, Mike provided us with staff training.

We prepared student generation rates for six districts in 2016: Bethel School District, Mount Vernon School District, Sultan School District, Sumner School District, Tumwater School District and Woodland Public Schools. Additionally, between 2015 and 2016 we assisted the Bethel School District and the Sumner School District in updating their capital facilities plans. We enjoy this work and look forward to continuing to provide high quality services to school districts.



Julia Walton, Partner