Lacey Woodland District Strategic Plan

We worked with the City of Lacey to develop a 10-year strategy to revitalize the Woodland District into a vibrant mixed-use community. In the absence of a historic downtown, the Woodland District served as Lacey’s de facto community center. Opportunities for strengthening the district included revitalizing an aging mall, making use of vacant office space and increasing transportation system connectivity. We worked closely with a steering committee of developers, residents, Planning Commission members, businesses, state agencies, a community college and transit providers to develop a strategic plan with consensus among all parties. Twenty key recommendations provided the foundation for adopting a hybrid form-based code and reconfigurement and reuse of old buildings. The Plan also included illustrative site plans, a future complete street network and place-based subdistricts and street types. In recognition of outstanding achievement in creating livable and vibrant communities, the plan received the Governor’s 2015 Smart Communities Award.