Sound Transit Kingsgate TOD Feasibility Study

As a part of Sound Transit’s I-405 Bus Rapid Transit Project, 3 Square Blocks conducted a study to determine whether Transit Oriented Development (TOD) would be feasible on the Kingsgate Park and Ride Site. WSDOT has a special directive from the legislature to determine whether this site would be a good place for a pilot TOD project. This site is owned by WSDOT, operated by King County Metro, is within City of Kirkland’s Totem Lake Urban Center, and will be the site of a Sound Transit parking garage when the I-405 BRT line opens in 2024. In order for TOD to be feasible on this site, each of these agencies’ priorities, deadlines, and requirements would need to be accommodated as a part of development on the site.

3 Square Blocks’ facilitation of the interagency working group meetings and charrettes was an essential step in identifying whether TOD could be feasible on the site given the complex and varying requirements of each agency effected. We developed a briefing book, synthesizing information about the project site from the perspective of each agency involved. This briefing book assured that working group members entered the process with the same baseline of information about the project site.

Through monthly working group meetings and charrettes, phone calls, and in person conversations with agency representatives, 3 Square Blocks led the interagency working group in designing development scenarios to be analyzed in the feasibility study. Each of the final scenarios analyzed met the requirements laid out by the members for the working group.

The Final Feasibility Study analyzed each scenario’s financial feasibility and identified steps that would make implementation possible. Implementation considerations included financing, actions needed from partner agencies, and critical path deadlines. We also diagramed zones of responsibility for each scenario, showing what areas of the site each partner agency would be responsible for.

These efforts, conducted over a course of only 5 months, laid out clear actions that will need to be taken by each agency in order for this site to be feasible for TOD. The interagency team is working towards going before the state legislature and the Sound Transit board with the findings of this study in January 2019.