Freeway Park Improvements Project

3 Square Blocks is leading public outreach for the Freeway Park Improvements Project. This effort by Seattle Parks and Recreation and the Freeway Park Association will repair, restore, and enhance original features of the park to better support daily use, ongoing maintenance, and programming. An iconic work of modernist landscape architecture by Lawrence Halprin & Associates, the park was the first ever to be built over an interstate highway. Since its opening in 1976, the park—and the city around it—has matured and evolved: trees and plantings have grown more than anticipated, the Convention Center was built and new buildings, public spaces and entrances were added on to the edges of the park. The park is now actively programmed with events and activities. The Freeway Park Improvements Project will build on the recommendations of the Finding Freeway Park project, a community-based planning study led by the Freeway Park Association. As outreach lead, 3 Square Blocks is leading a series of Stakeholder Advisory Committee meetings, public events, public surveys, and targeted stakeholder briefings to ensure that the project engages the full range of Freeway Park’s diverse stakeholders to inform repairs, restorations, and enhancements while building an excited community of future park visitors.