A readable roadmap

Navigate your planning process

3 Square Blocks engages the public to develop multidisciplinary plans that guide long term decision-making. Our planning practice includes team members with 25+ years of experience…

… crafting current, relevant and easy to use documents that help communities pursue their envisioned future;

… providing strategic advice and review of GMA and SEPA to promote understanding and compliance with relevant legal frameworks;

… guiding communities to understand, prioritize and implement public services and capital investments that achieve local vision and goals.

Welcome people to the table

We welcome diverse and often divided groups to the planning process with engaging public outreach. Our staff promotes participation and project ownership through in-person, phone and online conversations facilitated at a variety of venues. By meeting people where they are and encouraging input from underrepresented groups, we garner crucial feedback to shape long-term strategy.

Clarify your plan

To create relevant planning documents we boil down plans to a concise statement with sufficient minimum detail to guide decisions and actions. Our writers and graphic designers increase reader accessibility and focus attention on priority issues by crafting simple, consistent, streamlined documents.

A few of our planning specialties
  • Comprehensive plans
  • SEPA environmental review
  • Subarea plans
  • Placemaking
  • Transit planning and TOD
  • Health impact assessments
  • Code development
  • Sustainability strategies
  • Strategic planning
  • Student generation rates
  • Graphic design
  • GIS analysis