Attractive, accessible communities

Design places that people call home

3 Square Blocks helps communities envision and create memorable, livable places that attract additional investment, employment, institutions and residents. We practice design with an eye for sustainability and accessibility, honed by our decades of experience:

designing essential community infrastructure and services that support beautiful, accessible, safe and healthy places to live;

balancing public input and existing community elements with new development to retain and reinforce local identity;

interpreting and interfacing with applicable regulatory code to help communities attract and promote quality development projects;

strategically leveraging actions and investment to provide multiple benefits and objectives.

Translate stakeholder input into workable designs

Consultants, elected officials and residents can each possess different priorities or use distinct vocabulary. Our team works with partners to solicit input and bridge communications throughout the design process. We balance stakeholder input with other project requirements to craft workable designs, then report back to build and maintain support by showing how ideas are incorporated.

Balance new and existing urban forms

We are passionate about creating places of character, the retrofit of urban forms, design guidelines and technical code integration. In addition to diverse design backgrounds, our staff has experience with business and property owners, urban design and redevelopment and form-based codes for compact, livable communities. We like to balance innovation with tradition to create unique, sustainable designs.

A few of our design specialties
  • Master plans
  • Subarea plans
  • Form based codes
  • Transit and TOD
  • Complete streets guidelines
  • Street design
  • Site design strategies
  • Healthy and active living
  • Graphic design
  • GIS analysis