Discussing what, why and how

Keep projects on track
with transparent decisions

3 Square Blocks promotes transparent decision-making by engaging all interests – community members, public officials, civic interests, private interests and the media – throughout each project. We practice community outreach guided by our extensive experience…

encouraging thoughtful discourse, input and decision-making with accessible presentations, exhibits, meeting materials, online resources and interactive public events;

engaging culturally diverse populations with clear, direct and multilingual media to encourage acceptance, understanding and support;

ensuring broad awareness through local media coverage including newspapers, Listservs, social media sites and neighborhood blogs.

Find common ground

We adapt collaboration and conflict resolution strategies to keep conversations moving. Our staff works closely with diverse stakeholders, planners, technical consultants, public officials and residents to gather and relay shared values and community needs. We leverage common ground to achieve shared decisions that support social equity, economic opportunity, environmental stewardship and sustainability.

Design materials to engage and inform

We design visual and interactive communications that foster meaningful discussions and well-informed decisions. To reach the broadest audience possible, our team members create legible and often multilingual newsletters, posters, web content, maps, displays, interactive materials, briefing packets, and planning documents. Feedback is recorded and shared throughout the design process.

A few of our communication specialties
  • Community outreach
  • Public engagement
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Charrettes
  • Environmental justice outreach
  • Training for staff and officials on planning issues
  • Graphic design
  • GIS analysis